It is when doing that to escape from life’s burdens to breath that it refreshes my soul with good music and senses (hopefully, at times at least) to be able to bare the harsh reality we all live in (at least some may realize with compassion for oneself and others, how harsh it is). Not enjoying life is avoiding compassion to oneself. A soul troubled with too much angst cannot last long to help itself or other souls.” ~ Andres Rojas

Unusual Sound focuses on the breaking of perceived barriers and limitations in celebrating beautiful and unusual sounds that are summoned for unison, a stream of expressive consciousness in fathomable and unfathomable forms of sound unfolding and manifesting. Our passion for aural expression compels us to create and perform electronic music for the world with a diversified perspective and approach.

Unusual music is supported by world reknown artists, radio stations and labels:

Paul Van Dyk | Markus Schulz | Richie Hawtin 

John Selway | Gabriel Ananda | Funkagenda 

D-Formation | Anthony Pappa | Anderson Noise 

Elio Riso | Chloe Harris | Pedro Delgardo

Kompakt | Minus | Ibiza Global Radio | Loca FM | Warm FM
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